Attention Paradise!

vacation-for-single-mom-and-kidsParadise on earth is a cliché that has been used over and over again by people trying to describe places like Hawaii and French Polynesia. I personally prefer mountains to beaches but the reason they use this clichéd term for the Pacific islands isn’t confined to the great landscapes and warm weather. It is also attributed to facilities like Koloa Landing resort. My name is Trevor Reznor and my memory is fresh from my visit to (please forgive me for saying it) paradise.

The qualities that stand out

Koloa Landing resort in my opinion should be the yardstick by which any hospitality concerns should be measured. It sets a high, but not impossible standard but importantly, it isn’t full of itself yet. The latter part will eventually change as they become more successful, but is also the quality that will bring them their success. Everyone is absolutely giddy there. There were smiles everywhere as if everyone was on a drug that causes no effect other than euphoria. Everyone was polite (except maybe a few visitors) and they listened to whatever you had to say. My six year old daughter actually cried when we told her we were leaving as she had become so attached to everyone there. If the human element wasn’t enough they also provided us with massive rooms. I could have started a pig farm in the bathrooms and that doesn’t even start to scratch the surface. The location of the hotel itself was absolutely perfect. Our room faced the sunset and there aren’t many views in this world as majestic as the sun drowning in the Pacific. It is a fairly new resort and that is part of the reason why it is so great; everything is just so crisp it is like whiffing a new car. The furniture makes my living room look tacky and when laid down on my bed at home, it made me miss the ones in the hotel. The popular restaurants and sites were all close by and allowed us to indulge ourselves in the local hospitality with the minimum amount of hassle. Of course we wouldn’t need to go to other restaurants if they had one on the site. They also change their sheets only once every 3 days and as amazing as their staff is, they need a few more. I am knit-picking really, it was a fantastic experience and they even have facilities to get laundry done, which helps make the vacation, a vacation. The thing that absolutely won me over was the fact that they actually had solar panels to help with the power showing initiative towards environmental concerns. I loved the place and I bet I’ll love it even more when they have it completed. The Koloa Landing resort is a truly great place to unwind and experience happiness. There are other places like this, maybe even around where it is built but very few in numbers.

Are there other options?

If I’m honest with you, this was my only visit to the Hawaiian Islands and the first hotel I’ve stayed at there. I do travel a lot though and I take my holiday experiences to heart. There may be more top-rated Poipu hotels but from my experience Koloa Landing resort is definitely one of the best resorts I have ever spent my holidays in. You should really give it a chance because you will be pleasantly surprised. It is everything every resort should be and things that every resort should provide you with. Have a fantastic holiday at Koloa Landing resort.

A Vacation We All Deserve – A Hawaiian One!

VacationI apologize for the bumper sticker title but it is completely befitting to the place that I have in mind. My name is Harvey Huddlestone and I would like to describe to you a vacation I had in Hawaii a few weeks ago. A place called the Koloa Landing resort.

Where I went

Hawaiian Islands have been a refuge for survivors of the repetitive ordeal we call life. It has been the most hospital place to unwind within the clutches of nature. I went hoping for the same to Kauai and booked a room for me and my siblings’ families in Koloa Landing resort. Despite sibling rivalries and all the madness of family, the experience was truly magnificent. The beach was just right outside the gates and all the cultural hotspots and restaurants were very close. The view of the ocean was just perfect and all then there is the facility itself. There is something very soothing about the ocean breeze and the warmth at this poipu resort

About the resort

My family had lived in smaller apartments then the rooms in the resort. There were three bedrooms and bathrooms all spacious enough to allow us to get creative with furniture and make our own games to play. The pools had everything you could expect from them, my nieces and nephews loved the water and we all had many relaxing hours laying back and enjoying our time. The most amazing thing about Koloa landing resort was the staff. Make no mistake, we are one hell of an annoying bunch but not only did we never hear a complaint from anyone of them no matter how much we bugged them; they actually seemed to enjoy taking part or watching our ridiculous behavior. They were on call whenever we needed them and were always in such a hospitable attitude. It was an absolutely lovely holiday which could have been improved if they had a restaurant on site. What can I say? I don’t like moving around too much when I am hungry. They also seem to be a little understaffed but I would rather they be this hospitable and understaffed than compromise their quality of service. I also loved the fact that they had washer and dryers in the rooms as it proved very helpful; travelling with children and all.

Koloa landing resort is technically not complete yet as they have certain constructions yet to complete. The thing that I learnt from my experience in their care is that they not only know what they are doing but also what others expect of them. This holiday was the way I ever spent my money and I will make more such sensible investments in the future for sure. Hope to see you there at the Koloa landing resort.

Staying at Kauai

travel-destinationsKauai is absolute heaven. Most people say the same about the other Hawaiian Islands but I only reserve the phrase for Kauai. It is as close to the Garden of Eden we will ever get to. It isn’t just the shimmering natural beauty that makes Kauai absolute perfection, I also happened to have stayed at Koloa Landing resort which helped enrich my experience. My name is Jonathan Allen and I would love to tell you all about my stay at the Koloa Landing resort.

Why I love it?

First and foremost it is a fabulous facility. The rooms were bigger than the apartments I lived in before getting married and the bathrooms embarrassed me. Along with the massive spaces they come with everything you could possibly need. Our room had a fully furnished kitchen and a washer and dryer. It was quite convenient to have too since our toddler constantly spilled things on our dress and we couldn’t always go out to eat. The pools were excellent and the hotel is modern and crisp. The best part about the hotel was the staff however. They were always warm and no matter what we called them to help with, they always helped out. I have been in many hotels in my lifetime but this was the first place where it felt like they actually liked having us there. They didn’t seem like the corporately trained machines that most hotels employ. Maybe I am just being naïve but their hospitality really seemed genuine. The resort was very well located, very close to one of the best beaches I have ever been in (the Poipu beach) and all the restaurants and hotspots in Kauai.

Concerns I had

First off, they need a restaurant in the site. You can’t always go out to have dinner when you have a toddler with you. The staff was amazing but they seemed a little shorthanded. These things will probably be figured out by the time the resort is completed.

It was an absolutely fabulous experience staying at the Koloa landing resort. I really wished we could stay there longer, their spas were relaxing their villas were beautiful and the views were breathtaking. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is visiting Kauai to stay at this resort. Give it a try, if you like it half as much as my family and I love it you will definitely want to go back there.